Do the bacteria in Bactivate already exist in soils?

Yes they exist in all soils.
The bacteria in Bacivate are the key Bacillus bacteria that exist within the first six inches of the soil the area around the root structure of plants (this zone of soil is called the rhizosphere).
However, intensive farming practices have reduced the population numbers of these beneficial bacteria. When their numbers are low, they are in constant competition with soil-borne pathogens. These soil-borne pathogens can significantly reduce crop yields and lead to diseases that are difficult to predict, detect, and diagnose. With the application of Bactivate to the soil, the beneficial bacteria will multiply to become the dominate force within the soil structure. As the dominate species they help to re-balance the biological activity within the soil.

Is Bactivate a natural product?

Yes, Bactivate is a product that contains the Bacillus bacteria that naturally exists in all soil. There are no genetic modifications or petroleum based products in Bactivate
The Bacillus bacteria in Bactivate have been identified as the key bacteria that attach themselves to the  root system of plants and help in the process of rebuilding soil structure. The bacteria have been harvested from soil, and packed into a coal dust medium. Once applied to the surface of the soil, the bacteria leave the coal dust medium and work their way into the soil structure. The coal dust then breaks down to become part of the organic matter.

Is Bactivate a fertiliser?

No, Bactivate is not a fertilizer. Bactivate is an all-natural product that contains billions of beneficial bacteria that form around the roots of a plant.

These bacteria help to convert the nutrients and other usable plants foods supplied by fertilizers into plant sugars that can then be taken up by the plants. Without the beneficial bacteria helping to perform this conversion process, fertilizers can become ‘locked up’ in the soil, adding a considerable cost to the inputs for farmers.

Do different crops need different bacteria?

Yes. All crops have differing needs at differing times. Bacteria in healthy soils work to create best possible conditions for the plant. 

Bactivate combines up to 5 bacteria who have been picked for their capacity to work hard together as a team. For instance the Bacillus Theriengenus in Bactivate is well known to scientists for its ability to defend plants from pests and disease. Some crops will not need this bacteria as much as others, or they might need this bacteria at certain times of the year, for instance in fruiting season – if Bacillus Theriengenus is not needed for defense it will help the plant in another capacity, for instance plant immunity