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Soils begin improving immediately as the beneficial bacteria in Bactivate begin working imediately.
They are natures unpaid work force.
The plants become the managers of these unpaid workers – directing them to different jobs and creating the best possible environment for the plants to grow in.
Because of this the plants have the opportunity to become super healthy and healthy plants require less water, less fertiliser, less pesticides, less herbicides and less work.
The product is natural – the bacteria are harvested from organic healthy soils and the medium we ship is a naturally occurring coal dust with good trace elements.
Bactivate is unique because of the many problems scientists have faced in putting beneficial bacteria in a bag for farmers to use. This new technology revolutionises many of the problems that plague farmers as a result of long term use of chemicals on their soils.
Bactivate is a revolutionary way of adding beneficial bacteria directly to the soil.

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