We are a truly progressive business with a focus on client and customer service.
We love working with a product that actually helps people.
To do this we expect the following of ourselves:
Being honest.
This one is easy. We won’t lie to you. We’ve been told that, in business, you’re allowed to lie occasionally. You can say, “Oh, we’re almost done with that product,” when really you’ve barely tested it. People expect it. Well, don’t expect that from us. We will always be honest with you about the state of our products, and everything else.
Being honorable.
We use honorable here to mean: we will conform to our stated values. We won’t compromise our values just because it would be easier, or cause less strife, or make us more money in the short run. We won’t get behind a crappy product just because we think it will sell.
Being moral.
We define a moral action as one which you would praise if someone else did it. It’s that simple.
That’s it.
Everything we do relates to providing our clients and customers with the very best service and information we can possibly achieve.
Our aim is to introduce people to the benefits of introducing the right bacteria to soils and plants.
We have seen (first-hand) the benefits of the Bactivate product and understand the challenges and issues of working with soil.